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520 Main St Unit B1, Longmont, CO




(303) 434-8566


Open Tue to Sat - 10AM to 5PM

New Years Day
Independence Day
Christmas Day

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Your Destination for Quality Clothing & Accessories

Snow Apparel Best Boutique

SNOW Apparel, a unique boutique in Downtown Longmont.

SNOW Apparel was created for women who are craving quality clothing, exceptional customer
service and an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. A boutique that offers classic designs, superior
fabrics and personal attention. We love seeing delighted women discovering and defining their own

unique style.

At SNOW Apparel we focus on made in America, Fair Trade and organic products. Each designer
and piece of clothing is carefully chosen for you. When selecting colors, patterns and sizes, we are
committed to the wants and needs of our customers.

Visit us and share what styles and products YOU would like to see at SNOW Apparel!
We love your suggestions and feedback.

Mannequin Outfit Display

Clothing Display
Mannequin Outfit Display
Clothing Display
Mannequin Outfit Display

Made in America

Add pride to your purchase.

Fair Trade

Make conscious clothing choices.


Indulge your wardrobe with slow-fashion.

Natural Fibers

Transform your relationship with clothing from ego to eco.

Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.Khalil Gibran

Parking Available in Back

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